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Potipot and Hermana Menor Islands Tour

Potipot and Hermana Menor Islands Tour

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Trip mo ba ang magpunta sa isang lugar na kung beshie makakapag move-on ka na? Bakit hindi mo subukang puntahan ito: Potipot Island and Hermana Menor Island

Potipot Island:
Entrance: daytour 100pax
Overnight 300pax
Boat: 400 pesos 5-6person roundtrip
Tree house: 2500
Tent: Couple- 200pesos
4-5person 400pesos

Hermana Menor Island:
Entrance; 100pesos day tour only!
Boat: 500pesos pax roundtrip
Cottage: 500pesos

Good for 4-6 person w/ aircon/cr
Good for 6-8person w/aircon/cr
Good for 8-12 person w/aircon/cr
w/ kitchen

Note: Ang transient house po namin hindi sya sa island po mismo, pero beachfront po)

Contact Info:
Mobile: 09159368916 / Leeyynn Ecunar Anamos

Other photos available > here!

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