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My Fave Food from Lucban Quezon

I love junk food. I love crackers. I love Longganisa or anything garlicky meat. everytime i go to Lucban Quezon nabili ako ng Lukban Longganisa sa Eker & Ely Lukban Longganisa and Pasalubong.

Naging suki nila ako for how many years. After years passed by, bigla kong nabalitaan na may Eker & Ely sa Marikina City. I tried their Lukban longganisa and it's real Ely nga.

Here's their contact info: 0916-2300-117

Fyi, nasagot sila sa call or text. Infairness!


Organic Coco Jam


Pure Wild Honey

Mikilog Cheese Flavor


Organic coco Vinegar

Lukban Longganisa

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