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Head to Korean and Mexican Cuisine Fusion at KoCos

Head to Korean and Mexican Cuisine Fusion at KoCos

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As a foodie I've tried and liked Korean and Mexican food separately and I never thought they could fuse very well until I've tried them at Kocos. This new restaurant along E. Rodriguez just had their soft opening and we were one of the first ones to taste and experience their menu. If you'e wondering why it's named KoCos, it's a play with the name Korean tacos according to Chef Joseph Lee.

One of my favorite food writer Doreen Fernandez once said that food, like language, is living culture, and as such changes with the times, and KoCos embodies this as they create menus that may be unheard of before. Korean and Mexican dishes. East meets West.

The restaurant interior also manages to mix both culture.They have an open kitchen and various drinks on display. And as you wait for your food to be served, you can sing with their special version of videoke or just watch Kpop playing on the TV screen.

We started off with Pumpkin Soup. The soup brings out the sweetness of the pumpkin and the salty flavorings and topped with nachos bits, this thick soup is very tasty.

The Beef Bulgogi Tacos were served with fries. It is not your usual favorite tacos because the beef is cooked bulgogi style thus creating one of the Korean-Mexican combinations in the menu.

The Quesadillas is filled with Caramelized Kimchi.

Five more appetizers were served to us like the perennial Nachos, other multi-colored appetizers with spicy Korean beef toppings. The KoCos SurFries is a melting plate of cheese and spices as well as onions. I was curios when they served the RnB Burger Sliders with its multi color buns showing off KoCos signature colors. The beef were marinated bulgogi style and I love how juicy it was. The Japchae is one of the best I’ve tasted in town. Made of sweet potato noodles and mixed vegetables, only a few resto here in the city could perfect the Japchae I love and KoCos stays true to the original Japchae recipe and they manage to create the best tasting one.

I also get to try their Bibimbap style rice bowl and the Beef Stew is considered one of their best-sellers. And my tummy agrees too.

Their KoCos Fried Chicken would be great with a refreshing beer. It's salty, sweet and crunchy at the same time.

Any Korean dish wouldn't be complete without Korea's quintessential Kimchi and KoCos were able to combine this with Mexican cuisine.

The Kimchi Pasta is a testament to this, I only get to try a small forkful of it as I wasn’t sure of the combination but surprisingly it was good, the kimchi is not overwhelming.

Two more KoCos bestseller was served and one is my favorite Pork Pizza or what they call Tortizza, the crunchy tortilla is topped with vegetables and cheese.

The Seafood Arroz ala Koreana which is quite big and is good for four people is made with Korean rice and mixed with flavorful mussels, prawn, Korean sausage, squid and kimchi. It is an explosion to my taste buds and proves that Korean and Mexican cuisine has blended well together.

I don't know how we were able to get home after the feast but we did. You can try it as well and visit KoCos at TSL Building along E. Rodriguez Quezon City. You can visit their FB page at www. facebook.com/KocosRestaurant

Written by: Cie Cisneros

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